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Malaria Colloquium
"Continuing Innovative Research for Effective Malaria Control and Elimination"
Patron: Hon Malakai Tabar MP


Welcome to the information page for the 40th Malaria Colloquium which will be held on 24th-26th August 2016 in Madang.


This page is created to provide you with up-to-date information about this year’s 40th Malaria Colloquium.

Malaria is a tropical disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite and transmitted by mosquito vectors from one human host to another. According to WHO 2015 World Malaria Report, an estimated 214 million individuals are affected with malaria with 3.2 billion individuals at risk worldwide. In Papua New Guinea, development and introduction of new drugs such as artemether-lumefantrine and vector control strategies such as insecticidal-treated mosquito nets have resulted in a significant reduction in malaria prevalence rates over the recent years. 

This year, the PNG Institute of Medical Research will be hosting a colloquium to commemorate 40 years of malaria research in Papua New Guinea on the 24th to the 26th of August. The event aims to celebrate successes of the past 4 decades that have contributed to improvements in malaria-related health policies both nationally and globally. 

During this event, we also aim to reflect on the challenges of the past 40 years, to help us plan and ensure we can continue to conduct innovative research that can be used to effectively control and eventually eliminate malaria. 

We welcome your participation and hope that you will be able to share this page with friends to help spread awareness about this event. 


Thank you.
Dr. Moses Laman
Chairman of the Organizing Committee.



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