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Environmental and Emerging Diseases

What we do

We formed the Environmental and Emerging Diseases Unit (EEDU) in March 2012 to focus on environmental and outbreak-prone diseases in PNG.

Our rapid economic and development expansion may bring greater prosperity for many people in PNG. However disruptions to natural habitats can affect both vector distributions and illnesses caused by pollution of water sources and agricultural land.

Changes to the environment may impact on both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Our Environmental and Emerging Diseases Unit enables PNGIMR to focus on infections that we know little about currently, and also look at the interactions between the environment and human health.

Our mission is to conduct research on emerging, outbreak-prone diseases to develop diagnostics and improve understanding of the epidemiology of these diseases.

Our goals are to:

  • conduct clinically relevant research to investigate the aetiology, burden and impact of diseases in PNG
  • determine the most important aetiological agents associated with enteric, febrile and respiratory diseases
  • develop and evaluate diagnostic assays for outbreak-prone diseases in PNG
  • provide outbreak-response support to the PNG National Department of Health and the World Health Organization
  • develop and foster interdisciplinary relationships with researchers, government and health authorities to translate research into policy.


Research publications


Dr Yazid Abdad
Unit Head

This website contains public information about our work. If you wish to reproduce our material, acknowledge the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research as your source and contact us where appropriate.