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The Immunology Laboratory performs experiments that look at the human body’s ability to fight infection. The immune system is responsible for fighting infections, and there are many factors that influence its ability to do so. Much of the work conducted in our Immunology section is looking at the immune response to vaccines (immunisation) in young children. Vaccines are given to babies to prevent them from getting certain infectious diseases by stimulating the body’s immune system. We are currently investigating the immune response to vaccines that can be used to prevent pneumonia, which is a major cause of death in children and older adults in PNG. At the moment there are no vaccines routinely used in PNG to prevent the main cause of pneumonia. We hope that our work will lead to the introduction of a suitable vaccine in the near future.

Our Projects

Clinical Staff
Christine Opa, Gerard Saleu, Mary Dreyem and Lorry Wawae (Driver)
Jacinata Francis, Tilda Orami, Brian Martin, Wendy Kirarock, Audrey Michael, Mition Yohannes
Overseas collaborators
Telethon Institute of Child Health Research and School of Pediatrics and Child Health
– University of Western Australia

Infection and Immunity



Dr William Pomat
Deputy Director - Science and Unit Head

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