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Nosocomial infection control at Goroka General Hospital

One of the most important aspects in the provision of good health is hospital hygiene, for example, the cleanliness/disinfection of the hospital and hand hygiene of clinical staff. Some bacterial pathogens are able to survive on skin and objects for a long time, and many of these bacteria circulating within hospital environments have evolved resistance to commonly used antibiotics. Hospital patients are often immuno-compromised, leaving them susceptible to infection. Due to the reduced effectiveness of antibiotics in treating many of these infections, and the low existing health status of many patients in hospital, nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections are a serious threat to life.

To monitor hygiene practices at Goroka General Hospital, and determine whether potential nosocomial pathogens exist in the hospital setting. This work is funded by IMR.
The study commenced in 2010 and is ongoing until 2013. It is being conducted in Goroka, in collaboration with clinical staff from Goroka General Hospital.


Infection and Immunity



Dr William Pomat
Deputy Director - Science and Unit Head

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