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Malaria Control Section (MalCon)

Malaria Control Project
Since 2004, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has supported the Papua New Guinea National Malaria Control Program with funds to roll out essential malaria control interventions. As an international public/private financing institution, the Global Fund supports funding proposals that evolve from national strategic plans and priorities defined by disease-endemic countries. In 2003, PNG successfully submitted a proposal for the free distribution of long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets (LLIN) and expansion of confirmed diagnosis and appropriate treatment of malaria to the Global Fund. The Round 3 Malaria Grant from The Global Fund (2004-09) provided PNG with the necessary resources to roll out a free distribution campaign of LLINs and invest in the improvement of malaria diagnosis in health facilities by introducing rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) and improving microscopy services on a limited scale.

The grant was implemented by the National Department of Health and Rotarians against Malaria.
Conventional bed nets have been used in PNG since 1988. Due to poor accessibility and financial constraints in the country, periodic re-treatment with insecticides was not considered feasible. As in other malaria-endemic settings, LLINs were considered the best option requiring no re-treatment and lasting protection for several years despite repeated washing. The free distribution of LLINs in all provinces between 2004 and 2009 was the most prominent and most successful component of the Round 3 grant. Towards the end of the grant period, IMR was contracted to carry out an evaluation of the outcomes (and later the impact) of the LLIN distribution.


Additional studies are collaborative projects led by other IMR units, for example, on mosquito net bio-efficacy, Plasmodium population, genetics, arbovirus infections in febrile patients.

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Dr Justin Pulford
Unit Head

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