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Sexual and Reproductive Health

What we do

  • investigate epidemiology (pattern of health-related events) of HIV and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) among general and at-risk populations in PNG
  • increase knowledge of socio-cultural and behavioural drivers of HIV and STIs
  • support National Department of Health in surveillance and diagnosis of HIV and STIs
  • support National AIDS Council and National Department of Health to evaluate PNG’s response to HIV and STIs
  • investigate epidemiology of human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer in PNG
  • improve maternal health through support for local strategies with National Department of Health and partners

Our teams

  • HIV Social and Behavioural Research
  • Clinical Research
  • HIV/STI Laboratory
  • Maternal Health
  • Health Promotion

Our projects


Research publications


Unit Head

This website contains public information about our work. If you wish to reproduce our material, acknowledge the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research as your source and contact us where appropriate.