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IPTP Study

The Intermittent Preventative Treatment with Azithromycin (AZ) and sulphadoxine-pyramethamine (SP) for the prevention of malaria in pregnancy (IPTp)

Study commenced in 2008
Funding comes from the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium (funded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) grant to University of Melbourne (Professor Stephen Rogerson) and PNGIMR (Peter Siba, Ivo Mueller)

The project aims to establish the efficacy of 3 doses of AZ plus SP for the prevention of malaria in pregnancy and congenital transmission of STIs. In the study, pregnant mothers are randomised to two treatment arms, AZ plus SP and chloroquine plus SP (current standard treatment).
Field study will end in November 2012, results will be available in 2013.
This study will provide evidence for the utility of AZ-combinations for the prevention of malaria and STIs in pregnancy and assist with reformulating regional and national guidelines for the prevention of malaria in pregnant mothers. Master Thesis studies for Maria Ome and Regina Wangnapi.
The investigators are Stephen Rogerson, Ivo Mueller, Peter Siba, Maria Ome, Regina Wangnapi, Alex Umbers and Holger Unger
The collaborating centres are IMR, University of Melbourne and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

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Unit Head
Dr Inoni Betuela

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