From a small outpost station in the 1950s to a modernised township with modern facilities, Goroka town boasts as the major commercial hub in the Highlands region. Linking the upper-highlands and the coastal mainland, Goroka town is populated with over 25,000 people. A rich history of gold mining and coffee plantations, is the base of the economic growth of the Province.

Goroka the capital town of Eastern Highlands province in Papua New Guinea, is situated approximately 420 km, north west of the Port Moresby, the capital of PNG. Lae city, the capital of Morobe Province and the second largest city in PNG, is situated 285 km south- east of Goroka.

Goroka is known for it's climate termed as 'perpetual spring' with temperatures ranging from 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius and averaging around 19 degrees Celsius . With a rainfall average of around 1800mm, it is always wet all year around with a short period of dry season towards the end of the year, which does little effect to the overall weather conditions.

Mountainous terrains surrounds the Goroka valley with the Kratke (Unggai-Lufa) ranges from the south and the Bismarck (Benabena-Daulo) ranges towards the north-west region.

The Goroka Market thrives with fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Villages from in and around the township supply the market with local fruits including oranges, ripe bananas, strawberries , passion fruit and pineapple. Also locally grown vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, tomatoes, beans and zucchini are of abundant supplies at the market.

The Bilum (string bag) market is situated in the town commercial area, decorating a 100m walkway with colourful bilums and traditional artefacts. It is a must for visitors to grab a souvenir either for themselves, friends or family.

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