Message from the Co-chairs

The year 2018 marks a significant milestone in the history of the PNG Institute of Medical Research. From its humble beginning in 1968 as the “Institute of Human Biology”, the country’s pioneer medical institution has grown from strength to strength to celebrate its 50years of medical research this year. Since 1968, the Institute has remained committed to conducting research into diseases that affect ordinary Papua New Guineans providing sound evidences that contributes to controlling, reducing and eliminating diseases both locally and internationally.

It gives us great joy and pleasure to announce the 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee of PNG Institute of Medical Research on our website. The Institute has come a long way and we are looking forward to celebrate its past achievements and plan for the future. The celebration will be held from the 29th -31st August at the Mark Solon Auditorium Hall at the University of Goroka and we are expecting 400 plus former and current IMR staff and international collaborators.

Preparations including major fundraising drives are underway to support the staging of the celebration. The event is open to kind contributions from former colleagues, friends, families, private companies, government institutions and any interested persons.

We are hoping those who have received the invitation both locally and internationally can join the celebration.

To attend the event, you must register. Registration can be done online (better for overseas colleagues) or can be done in Goroka on the 28th of August.

For more information regarding the registration and the event itself, contact the Anniversary committee using the appropriate link provided on our website.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in person in Goroka.

Janet Gare and Matthew Omena
50th Anniversary Celebration Committee

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