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National Library of Medicine's free online public access to Medline:

PubMed tutorial
This is the Web-based learning program that will show you how to search PubMed®, the National Library of Medicine's (NLM™) journal literature search system

Endnote V8 Tutorial
Learn to manage your references and bibliographies with this tutorial from the Health Sciences Libraries, University of Washington.

Access to online journals:
The Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiatve provides free or very low cost online access to 2500 major journals in biomedical and related social sciences.

Biomed Central
Biomed Central is an independent publishing house committed to providing immediate free access to peer-reviewed biomedical research.

On-line Medical Dictionary (OMD)
OMD is a searchable dictionary created by Dr Graham Dark and contains terms relating to biochemistry, cell biology, chemistry, medicine, molecular biology, physics, plant biology, radiobiology, science and technology. It includes: acronyms, jargon, theory, conventions, standards, institutions, projects, eponyms, history, in fact anything to do with medicine or science.

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Useful Links




Jeffrey Kapata

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