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PNG Medical Journal 2012

Listed below are the issues of the PNG Medical journal published in 2012. Each hyperlink will download a PDF file containing the relevant article.

Papua New Guinea Medical Journal
ISSN 0031-1480
March-December 2012, Volume 55, Number 1-4


Editorial Committee

B. Amoa   J. Millan
G. Mola   A. Saweri
J. Vince

Assistant Editor. Cynthea. Leahy
Emeritus Editor.
Michael Alpers

Email: pngmedj@pngimr.org.pg
Web page: http://www.pngimr.org.pg

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Volume 55, Number 1-4, Mar-Dec 2012


The crisis of tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea – the role of older strategies for public health disease control J. Amini, H. Poka, J. Kumbu, N. Pomat, P. Ripa, N. Tefuarani, J.D. Vince and T. Duke 1
Bloodstream infections caused by resistant bacteria in surgical patients admitted to Modilon Hospital, Madang H. Asa, M. Laman, A.R. Greenhill, P.M. Siba, T.M.E. Davis, J. Maihua and L. Manning 5
The bacterial flora of acute appendicitis at the Port Moresby General Hospital in Papua New Guinea D.J. Hasola, R. Dutta, C. Darrell, G. Gende, W. Kaptigau, O. Liko and I. Kevau 12
Validation of the Roche Amplicor HIV DNA test version 1.5 for early infant diagnosis of HIV in Papua New Guinea B. John, T. Lupiwa, P. Toliman, E. Lavu, P. Zimmerman, P.M. Siba and J. Markby 16
‘Because it is a joyful thing to carry a baby’: involving men in reproductive, maternal and newborn health in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea W. Holmes, G. Wambo, R. Gabong, E. Kavang, S. Luana, A. Sawa, H. Supsup, J.C. Reeder, S. Cassidy and L.J. Natoli 24
Arboviruses of human health significance in Papua New Guinea M.H. Jonduo, G. Bande and P.F. Horwood 35
The use of complementary and alternative medicine in children admitted to Angau Memorial Hospital, Lae, Papua New Guinea R. Kipalan, T. Rongap, P. Ripa and J.D. Vince 45
A technique of a one-stage repair of soft tissues in severe bilateral cleft lip without presurgical orthodontics or lip adhesion G. Gende 55 
Diabetic foot ulcers in Port Moresby General Hospital 2003-2008: review of the principles of effective prevention and management of diabetic foot J. Kuzma, D.J. Hasola, T. Lino, O. Liko, A. Waine and I. Kevau 61
Management of difficult airways in surgical patients at the Port Moresby General Hospital operating theatre and intensive care unit G. Gende, Y. Xing, J. Wen, J. Raymond, E. Laim, V. Konga, L. Dimugu, J. Maihua, M. Garo, J. Goswammi, H. Paiva, L. Sogoromo and M. Pole 67
Knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation among doctors at the Port Moresby General Hospital T. Kila and S. Yockopua 76
Seroprevalence of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in HIV/AIDS patients and healthy blood donors at the Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea L.N. John, W.J. McBride, J. Millan and K. Wilson 88
An unusual case of severe cervicofacial actinomycosis masquerading as pseudosarcomatous tumour of soft tissues of the head G. Gende, D.J. Hasola, B. Dagam, L. Lun and J. Morewaya 94
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